Success on the AppStore

Building games to be a success on the AppStore is incredibly difficult. The mobile marketplace has matured rapidly, and now leaves fewer and fewer opportunities for new developers to reach sustainable revenues or growth.

To be successful, there are 3 clear ways :

  1. Feature or Bust
  2. Free to Play + Massive Marketing Budget
  3. Viral Hit

Beyond this, there are many strategies that can help a developer keep a foothold in the market :

Designing for Touch


Here’s a crash course in designing for touch screen games:

Step 1: Understand the environments that your players are playing in. Understand their limitations.

Step 2: A list of all the different interaction methods on a touch screen, and when to use each one.

Step 3: Some rules of thumb when designing a touch mechanic, like ensure there is only one mechanic running at time.

Mobile Session Design

Mobile Session Design is all about driving addiction from your players. Pacing content while at the same time giving reasons for your player base to always reach for their phones to play your game.

To understand the best way to design mobile sessions, read these posts:

Step 1: Understand flow and the importance of Easy In, Easy Out.

Step 2: Build player commitments to return to your game through timers & social drivers.

Step 3: Drive strong sessions per day with Implicit reasons to come back.

Step 4: Encourage flexible sessions. Make players feel smart about leaving your game.