I’m speaking at GDC Europe 2015

As was announced on Gamasutra, I’m speaking at the upcoming GDC Europe Köln in August:

Gamasutra: Come to GDC Europe for cutting-edge studio leadership advice

My topic is “Saying No to the CEO: A Deep Look at Independent Teams”. I’m looking at the management practice of fully autonomous teams in a large studio. From my experience at Wooga, I’ll be discussing both the benefits and drawbacks to working with an independent structure.

– How to construct an independent team culture that works
– What benefits you can expect from an independent culture
– What the limitations are of this culture, and what problems to expect
– What requirements there are to company culture and employee personalities

Looking forward to the event! Contact me on twitter or email if you’d like to meet up while I’m there.


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Adam Telfer

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